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What Happens When We Don't Support Journalism?

February 15, 2018 - Raleigh, NC:

Yesterday I logged into my Facebook page and learned that my hometown newspaper has closed – no warnings, just a note in the last issue. The website is no longer active. It had gone from a six-day-a-week paper to three days a week sometime back. It caught most of the residents in my hometown by surprise.

I had thought about subscribing as I knew all papers – community newspapers, national juggernauts, and online arts journals like CVNC.org – barely meet their budgets at best. But I didn't subscribe to that paper as I checked only the obits – I'm now at the age!

Do you subscribe to your local newspaper or donate to CVNC? Would you be surprised if either suddenly stopped publication?

For years we have said "We're all in this together," meaning that our work supports artists and arts presenters across North Carolina. But now it seems that "We're all in this together" also applies to news media of all types – small-town newspapers, mega-papers with national followings, and nonprofit online arts journals like CVNC.org.

Have you lost your local paper yet? Are you ready to lose CVNC.org? You have it in your power – in your wallet or billfold – to keep commercial papers and non-profit publications operating.

Subscribe where you can; donate to CVNC. Don't lose the sources – the resources – you expect to see every day.

Carolyn Kohring, Executive Director