We've moved cancellations to the featured slot, below; keep sharing & we'll keep updating! But please note we still have some events that have not been marked cancelled or postponed. If these are yours, you know what to do.

Suggestions for Surviving the Arts Drought:

1)  Assume a performance has been cancelled so check before leaving home.

2) Your favorite artists and arts organizations are hurting, so if you hold tickets to cancelled events, consider donations in lieu of refunds - and consider sending regular contributions NOW. Groups YOU CARE ABOUT need them.

3) We will get through this together, so use this gap to plan ahead for better times, next season.

4) Presenters: remember that our blog exists to help YOU spread the word to your constituents, so if you have information that may benefit the greater community, please send to cvnc1@cvnc.org.



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Known Cancellations/Closures - begun 3/15 but alas ongoing...

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