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Miscellaneous Feature

A Note to CVNC's Readers

November 15, 2017 - Raleigh, NC:

From the beginning Classical Voice of North Carolina's goal has been to fill the gap that formed when print media began cutting arts reviews and calendars. Just as we believe that arts groups "are all in this together," we also believe that commercial and nonprofit newspapers and journals that provide professional arts services and reviews "are all in this together." Since July 2001, we have committed to serving the performing arts community of North Carolina through our online performing arts journal (CVNC.org).

CVNC works in partnership with a vast array of performing and presenting artists to provide information about events. No arts organization can survive without an audience, and audiences cannot be developed without regular communications with the public. CVNC's calendar allows arts enthusiasts to learn about events across the state. They may want to find a performance to attend locally, or they may be traveling to a North Carolina locale.

CVNC provides informed critical commentary that in the long term helps document the cultural life of our city, region, and state. We believe our professionally written and edited reviews of ALL types of groups are needed to document the full cultural life of our community. Our informed critical commentary covers an incredibly wide array of artists and arts presenters – ensembles at high schools and colleges, recitalists, small volunteer and amateur groups, local professional groups, and visiting artists, local galleries and major museums.

Who reviews your favorite performing artist or group? It used to be your local newspaper. Is this still true? If you play in an orchestra in North Carolina, sing in a chorus, act in a local theatre company - or if you are one of the thousand of audience members who attend these performances or those given by touring artists - CVNC provides professionally written and edited reviews of selected performances. Just like newspapers, we can't do this without your financial support. Thank you!